Top Apps For Earning Money | Earn Money App

Top Apps For Earning Money | Earn Money App

Top Apps For Earning Money | Earn Money App

Now a days every one want to earn money just by sitting in the home and many or most of the people are earning money also but there are many online scams so many people are afraid of losing their money and they are many ways to earn money online you can invest your money in the stock market or in crypto currencies or can buy NFT’s or do forex trading or do freelancing work to earn or earn money by just watching some videos online using a browser .

so here I will tell you a little bit about the browser so there is a browser called brave says that any company who is showing you ads without your permission is illegal so brave blocks all your ads and asks you if you want to see the ads if you want to see the ads the brave will pay you for seeing the ads it pays you in bat coin which is one type of crypto currency then you can convert it to any currency you want for example by default

 it will be converted into USD after conversion you can withdraw your money so I am using this browser from many days and also earning money so you can also try and earn a little bit of amount.

1) BINOMO: it is a trading platform in this there are graphs by analyzing this graphs you can tell or predict that the graph will go up or down it your prediction is correct you will earn double the profit you invested and many people will have a doubt that I don’t even know how to start what to do so when you first download and install the app .

there will a video which you can watch and learn how to invest and how to withdraw and even how to play and earn is also provided and a unique thing of this app is this app provides you a 65,000 thousand rupees in your demo account so that you can practice and learn how to play and you can start your earning when you think that you’re are ready to play and a last point this trading which you play is at your own risk no one is responsible for your risk.

2)Google Opinion Reward:
this app is from Google so you can trust this app it’s safe and you don’t need to invest any amount this app is like without investment in this app you have do simple tasks and small surveys by doing the surveys this app pays you money which you can withdraw directly into your account it’s very simple to use and you don’t have do any hard you can just earn money by sitting in an place without any efforts you can earn money to pay your coffee bills I think It is a good app to use I will also give it a try

3) Fiverr: it is a freelancing app freelancing means you are not an employ of the company you just work for the company online do the work of the company from home or anywhere and the company will pay you for the work Fiverr is also an freelancing application which help you do freelancing work and earn money you can choose any field in which you have interest in like there are many types of work like you can create NFT’s for other people and give theme or write a blog

 is nothing but an article the thing you are reading now is called an blog or you can create and give videos for people and charge them on hourly work or any way you want Fiverr takes 20% of your earning it can be from any field and this money you can keep in the wallet of the Fiverr or if you want to withdraw you can even do that and now a days many people are doing freelancing as a fulltime job.

 they are leaving there jobs and doing fulltime because of two reasons the first is work from home it does not have any time limit you can do the work as you want and the second is the earning Is also high and it is completely based on how much work you do.   

it is an reselling app reselling means nothing but first you buy the product in less cost and sell it in the market in the higher cost in this app there are products at very low costs firstly you have to download the app and enter you mobile number to sign up after doing this process you can start posting the images on WhatsApp groups or Instagram or on any social media platform .

and if anyone wants to buy he or she will message you then you can tell the price at which you want to sell and if they wants to buy ask them to send  address and the amount they you have to open the MEESHO app and order for them on the  address and enter the commission amount you want to take from them after the payment the money will be sent into your bank account in a week.

this app gives you cashback when you shop using this app link on any online platform like FLIPKART AMAZON or any other shopping app you will get some % of money as back as cashback then you may think now how to earn money.

 so if any friend of you want to buy something then you can create a link of the product which your friend want to buy then you can send the link to your friend so that he can buy then after the return period of the products ends you will get the money into your wallet to withdraw you need to cross the wallet limit of rupees 250 then you can withdraw the amount and use that money anywhere.  


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