Top Android apps | Top Android apps of 2022

Top Android apps | Top Android apps of 2022

Top Android apps | Top Android apps of 2022


There are many apps on play store for everything like for gallery there are many apps and for like these each and everything there are many app so in this situation people gets confused to choose from this many apps and I will tell you a thing on an average an android user has 80 apps installed on their phones

 and on an average people use 9 apps per day and 30 apps per month and the other apps are just taking the place of your phone which leads to slow down your phone which leads to slow down to stop your device form slowing down you have to delete the app which you haven’t used once also or you use the app monthly once now I will tell you some genuine apps which are useful for you and which are just release in the year 2022.     


1)     Zoom: this app was released in May 2021 this it gained a crazy popularity within 3-6 months it is a video conferencing apps this app gained popularity because are no other app like this was the as it were one app within the covid-19 circumstance where all understudies and companies were conducting online classes and companies were conducting online gatheringswith the help of this app this app is or was a very important app I think many people have this app installed in their phones


2)     MOJ: as Indian government started banning all chines apps one after one in that chines there was a app call TIK TOK in this app you were able to upload short videos of 30 sec or 1 min or you can watch the small videos many people prefer short videos over long  because to see long videos you need a lot of time but in short videos you are getting a lot of information in less time so it is 

    preferred more by the people as TIK TOK got banned in India many apps launched same like TIK TOK but in all MOJ became famous after seeing the craze of small videos Instagram and YOUTUBE also launched its small video platform Instagram named it as reels and YOUTUBE named it as shorts I think shorts are creating crazy environment.



3)     N DOCS: it is a useful and interesting app in simple words it is an all in one file reading app if you use apps like Microsoft word or excel or power point and you want to organize them then this app is for you in your smartphone and all the file are mixed and messed up then this app will help you can even organize photos videos if you want all your excel files and power point at one place and word file at place with this you can do it is very simple and user friendly and you can even create pdf or text file also through the app and even html file also


4)     Disable touch: as you understood from the name of the app this app is used to disable the touch and it is very simple to use this app like if you are watching YOUTUBE or any other app and you don’t want that unwanted touches and miss the video or anything you are seeing then this app is for you just have to install the app from the play store and setup the app and to turn on the feature you just have to scroll down the notification center

    and from their you can turn of the display touch response and the touches of your hand won’t work and to turn the feature of it very simple you just have to open the notification center and enable the touch response it’s that easy to turn it on and of this feature is very useful when you are giving your phone to an stranger and you don’t want him or her to see your personal things



5)     Coin switch KUBER: it is a very interesting app if you have interest in crypto currency then this app is for you it is a safe and secure app for crypto currency and it is an Indian app this app makes your journey in crypto currency easy this app supports 75 crypto currencies in which you can choose the currency of you wish and invest this app has gained 7M + users in a month and investing is very easy and simple just like ordering food it’s that easy you can start investment just with 100Rs do you want to start


6)     Viral icon pack: if you want to change the icon and use a stylish and something different icon to any app you wish then this app is for you in this app you will get 4000+ trending icons which you can use as you want and you will get 200+ HD wallpapers also and you can customize this wallpaper as you want and according to your phone also I think it is something unique and new isn’t it.



7)     Opera GX: how can we forget our gaming friends so here is a app for them this app is for the people who play a lot games and like to keep game them wallpaper and they also want a gaming browser so basically opera GX is a gaming browser and it is a new browser launched by opera and the special feature of this app is you can see the new games which is going to launch and new game and you can even see when the game will be launched here you will get all free android games in one click you will be directed to play store from there you can download the game and if you want to use this browser as a normal browser you can also that



8)     Privacy dashboard: it is a very interesting and useful application it you are concern with the security of your phone then this application is for you it’s very simple to use ad user friendly app this app keeps a record of each app like when the app is using your microphone and till what time it is using if you don’t want the app to use your any service you can see all your services like location, microphone, camera and many  more



9)     CLIPT: this app was recently launched by one plus with the help of this app you can transfer text, files, photos, videos from your phone to you laptop or computer very easily and from pc to phone also seamlessly and easily it a best option for mac users everything is just by using an chrome Extension


10)  Fluid Simulation: it is a live wallpaper if you are feeling bored then this app can solve your problem you can play with relaxing fluids with touch of your fingertips there are many animations and its very interesting app this app helps you to relieve your stress they are all breath taking animations I think you should try this app for sure



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