Top 10 games | Amazing Top Game

Top 10 games | Amazing Top Game

Top 10 games | Amazing Top Game

Before I tell you the top 10 games first let me give you introduction of games like what can we get by playing games so here’s the answer for the questions you can do times pass by playing games and you can also earn money by playing games so let me tell you some ways to earn money by playing games in short way so the first way is you can earn by playing tournaments which are offered by the game company itself but to play in this tournaments you have to a pro player 
but every one cannot be a pro player like it take a lot of practice efforts time and you also need a team to play this tournaments but already there are many players and competitors so  it’s difficult to get into this and you also need a proper pc or a nice gaming centric phone which is a  bit tough the easy way to earn money by playing games is to start a You tube channel and start posting or uploading short videos and long videos at least one video a day if possible if not you can post or upload one video a day so not you may be wondering which 
game to play and which is easy and more popular game to start with so no need to worry I will tell you the top 10 games so that you don’t have to search for which game to play here and there so before we start let me tell you the meaning  of game is an activity that one engages in for amusement or fun is called as game and games are only for fun and to remove your frustration or to fell free there are many loses of playing games also about loses we will discuss in the last so now I will tell you the game so they are :


1)    PUBG: the full form of PUBG is player unknown’s battleground it is a multiplayer game it was developed and published by PUBG Corporation and it’s is now a part of GRAFTON the game is inspired by the 2000 Japanese film called Battle Royale in this game up to 100 players can play at once or in a round firstly you will be sent to island through a plane and Dropped down through a Para shoot and there are many weapons in the houses you and to kill them and whoever survives 

till the last he will be the winner and give a title of winner winner chicken dinner this game was banned in India for nearly one year and they relaunched it by the name BGMI which means battle ground mobile India which is the same PUBG itself and the director of this game is Brendan Greene and Jang Tae-SEOK and producer of this game is Kim Chang-Han and designer is Brendan Greene it was released on 19 March 2018 first it was released for pc on December 20, 2017, now the next game is.


    GTAV: Grand Theft Auto V was launched in 2013 it is full of action and adventure games developed and published by ROCKSTAR North and published by ROCKSTAR  games many people like the game GTAV and many people have a wish that they should play GTAV At least once because it is ‘a’ endless game and you have a lot of full freedom to do whatever you want



Minecraft: Minecraft is a video game in which players create and break apart various kinds of blocks which are 3-dimensional structures in short you have to create your own kingdom by using blocks and killing animals for your needs like for food etc.. cutting down trees to make wooden blocks handles of hammers and many more there are two modes in this game one is creative and the other is survival in survival mode player must or have to find their own buildings supplies and food it was released on 18 November 2011


4)    GENSHIN Impact: is an action game developed by Chinese developer miHoYo and published in 2020 the and it is an anime-style game it is an action-based battle game this game is for anime lovers the characters are the same as the anime their  looks style and everything matches with anime   


5)     Free fire: free fire is a battle Royale game free fire set a record with over 150 million users a day which is a big or huge number free fire is a multiplayer or single-player same like PUBG 50 members are sent to the island consisting of weapons you have to kill all the players who ever survives till the last will win the game and get a title of BOOYAH!


6)    God of war: it is an action and adventure game created by David Jaffe at Sony’s Studio in Santa Monica this game was first released on play station 5 in 2005 and has become a flagship title for the Sony play station it is based on an ancient story where KRATOS a Spartan warrior and later the god of war who was tricked to kill his family by his former master, the master was the original Greek god of war Ares this makes series issues which lead to the war with mythology and the story start in this way and he finally becomes the god of wars


7  FORTNITE: this game is developed by Epic Games and released in 2017 it has three game modes it is a battle Royale game it is a shooter game for all consoles and including the mobile version in this you have to kill zombies other players and collect materials to built forts or buildings towers and the best or interesting part of this game is destroying others players buildings you have to build massive ladders and lamps to cross the map in the game the graphics are more realistic 

    you have to kill the opponents and whoever survives till last wins the game and it is like the impressive game it is an addictive game you can also fight with zombies in a mode by collecting weapons called husks in the game when the game was launched the default mode was called as save the world


8)    VALORANT: it is an anime game it is inspired from the anime characters and it is one of the most popular games till now it is a very less GB it is almost 7 GB game if you have a proper internet connection you can download it in an hour when you launch the game and play for the first time it gives the feeling of counter strike Global offensive there are two teams of 5 players in each team one team is of attackers and the other is defender attackers have a bomb and they have to plant the bomb and defenders have to diffuse the bomb and kill the attackers and every you win you get a point and like this whoever gets 13 points is the winner of the game


9)   Plant vs zombie: it is a game in which plant has to fight against zombies and kill they each and every plant in the game have some skills the first plant you get is a sunflower plant this plant gives you sun each sun is of 50 points with this points you can buy other plants to kill a zombie the next is the pea plant which fires peas at the zombies and kills them and the potato is to stop the zombie where ever you place a potato the zombie starts eating it so by the time it finishes it you can kill the zombie and if you kill all the zombies and protect the owner you will be the winner of the game it is an interesting game


10 Clash of clans: in this game, there are two game modes single-player and multiplayer in this you have to create your military troops by using elixir which can be created by using an elixir generator, and you have to use these troops to attack other players you have to create your own kingdom like there are town halls you have to upgrade them and upgrade your military and when you win the battles you get elixir and gold coins through which you can expand your kingdom at the 4 town hall the second place will unlock where you have one more town hall and another kingdom you have to manage both of and play battles and place weapons in your kingdom to protect your kingdom from other players it is a game which makes you exciting.



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