Top 10 Android games of 2022 | top android games 2022 List

 Top 10 Android games of 2022 | top  android games 2022 List

Top 10 Android games of 2022 | top android games 2022 List

So now in this will tell you some games to play on android phones and now whenever I talk about android almost many people start thinking of the games like PUBG, Free Fire, call of duty and many other games like this which need a lot of storage space and a lot of data is required to download this type of game so keeping every in the eye I have selected some game so that all can play them .

there are some games like which are less than 100Mb and do not required mobile network to play like if you are struck somewhere and you want to do time pass but you don’t have any network you can download this type of games and enjoy and for other people who have more storage space and network connections and want heavy graphics like PUBG I have some games for them also so now let’s start so now first I will start with heavy graphics and more Mb or Gb game here are the game from my list.


1)     GARENA Free Fire Max: it is a modified and developed version of GARENA Free Fire in this game the bugs are removed and graphics are increased and launched and there are many new game modes and this game is launched in the year 2021 and now the GARENA Free Fire is Banned in India due to the game is or was developed in china and GARENA Free Fire Max requires a minimum of 2Gb ram to start or play the Game the difference in both the game is it consumes a lot of Ram GPU and storage than the older version and provides a next level graphics


2)     PUBG New State: this game was launched in November 2021 the per registration of this game was opened two months ago which is in the month of September 2021 there was a craziness among the people about this game and this game is also published by KRAFTON in PUBG new state 100 players are dropped onto island of 8x8 which is chosen by the player 

     and the main game is to collect supplies like guns knife and many more and who ever survives till the last is declared as the winner there are some countries like America Asia and many more from which you can select one of them and graphics are improved than PUBG and many features are added like you can play BGMI only in India but in new state you can play with any player from the world wide there are 3-4 maps like TROI,ERANGEL2051,station and training modes.



3)     POKEMON Go: it is a game which combines with the real world in this game when you open this game the camera of your phone starts in the app and there are POKEMONS you have to catch them by throwing a POKEMON ball from your phone and catch them as you catch you get more POKEMONS and you have to walk or travel to catch them you can’t catch them by just sitting at just one place this game is something crazy and interesting I think many of you would like this


4)     Hyper front: hyper front is a latest game of 2021 it is was launched in December it is like VALORANT is an ultimate free-to play mobile game it is a game for tactical shooter fans it is a 5v5 game hyper front has an amazing shooting experience each character has unique ability which makes the players more exciting this game is a master piece on mobile because of its unique set of tactical abilities

     like information gathering, teleportation, ice wall, fog barrier, etc. and a wide range of unique weapons have been replicated and each and every weapon has a special ability to defeat enemies it is an online game you need network connections to play this game I think it is a crazy game on android till now to play. 


5)     Sunken city: it is a creative battle Royale game it is a game in which frictional and parallel universe is there in the medieval ages you can go anywhere in this game with the help of airship in this game you will get to experience cold or hot weapons on the land if you want you can take a ride of a horse to enjoy the scenery of the game I think this feature of this game makes it different from any other game

      it  just amazing feature and even you can take a ship and explore over the water and you can also find supplies to upgrade your ship and make it more awesome and you can make your own strategies based on what you like you can open gunfight on the battle ground or wait till the other players die so that you can win you can play this game in solo mode multiplayer as your wish the game size is 3gb and it is an online game.    


6)     MR GUN: this game is developed by France the size of game is just 44Mb so due to less Mb this game can be downloaded on any android and phone and it does not requires network to play once you download you can play anytime anywhere isn’t it amazing it is a simple and classy game you have to shoot the enemy if you miss the enemy will shoot you will enjoy the game.


7)     FLIP MASTER: this game is developed by HELSINKI this game is of 77Mb and this game also you have play in and android phone if the phone has 1Gb or 2Gb Ram on that phones also this game will work without any lagging and this game is also an offline game that means once you download this game using network 

    then you can play without any network connections it is a trampoline game in this game you have do dangerous flip stunts as you keep playing you learn new skills and if you fall out of the trampoline you lose the game.


8)     NINJA TOBU: this game is developed by NEW ZEALAND and the size of this game is 78Mb and it is also an offline game basically in this game you are a ninja and you have to go up by climbing buildings and there are enemy’s on the buildings you have to jump and kills the enemy’s you have to drag or swap the ninja to move.



9)     CAN KNOCKDOWN 3: this game is developed by Poland and the size of the game is 65Mb and it is a very old game it is nearly 10 years old game but they made  a 3rd version of it and launched in 2021 in this game there are very realistic graphics you get base balls in the game you have to throw the cans down you get 3 or 5 ball it completely depends on the level and you have to throw the cans down if you are unable to throw the cans in given ball you lose the game and you can play this game with your friends also.


10)   MECH ARENA: this game is developed by Israel and the size of the app is 110Mb it is an 5v5 battle game there is a feature like point and shoot and there are many weapons you can also play this game with friends and global tournaments also happens online so you can participate in that also it is an online cum offline game


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