Hiding apps On android | how to hide apps on android

Hiding apps On android | how to hide apps on android

Hiding apps On android | how to hide apps on android

Even with the world's most secure lock screen, there is always the possibility that someone may eventually have your phone unlocked. If that happens, it's good to know that you can keep your most sensitive apps hidden from view.

1. Hide It Pro
This application is also called the Audio Manager application. It makes hiding apps much easier as long as it is downloaded and installed on your device. As the installation progresses, all you have to do is set up the protection we will provide. You will then be able to use a PIN or password as protection.

 Hiding files and data is easy even if it requires root access. Make sure you have enough root access information before using it. Provides secure protection of hidden content, can hide your photos, videos, etc.

2. App Hider
This is one of the best apps to hide other apps on google play; works wonderfully on WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook Messenger. It is a great app cloner that allows you to access more than one account from one device. It also hides photos and videos and hides App Hider by converting it into Calculator. Just install the app in the App Hider you want to protect and uninstall that app on your Home system. You can turn off hidden app notifications in our App Hider setting.

3. Hide Application
This app allows you to hide the app icon on your phone. It's free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. To perform hiding apps you may need root access because it will not work on non-rooted smartphones. 

After you download it, you will be notified if your phone has root access. Hide App has a simple and easy-to-use UI. To ensure that your content is securely protected, you will receive a PIN lock. It also supports Automatic Backup and Restores, this is a configuration fix for uninstalled applications. It will automatically backup and restore all hidden applications by re-installing the application on the phone.

4. DU Privacy Vault app
This application aims to hide applications on Android phones. It has a few features that allow you to secure a small document. By using the app, you are able to lock or hide your unique apps from others. It also helps you to hide image files, video files, and much more. 

For added security, you are equipped with a password lock. You can also change the password. Pattern Lock and Password Key are available for you to use in setting your password. Your calls can also be hidden. Its Break-in Alert feature will help you if an unknown person tries to sign in. A personal photo was also taken.

5. Application to hide the app icon
This app hides apps in your mobile device menu. It's free and can be accessed from the Google Play Store. It can help you to hide any app in the world from anyone who hides it. To make this happen, make sure your Android OS is 4.0 or later. The protection of your apps with the App Hidden Icon application does not take up much of your space on your phone. 

It has a simple user interface. All hidden applications are password protected. You can also change the old password by using the new one. Apps can be hidden or hidden by simply selecting from them.

6. Hide Apps
This app helps you to hide applications in the list of recently opened apps. To use it on Android, you do not need root access and it works very well without permissions. By using this app, you can also change the text color, text background color, and background color of the icon. There is an easy sharing app to share with the person using Social Networking Sites and other sources.

7. Parallel Space
Just give it permission, select the app you want to hide, and press Add to Parallel Space, when you get to the Home Page, select the app again, give it the necessary permissions to allow the app to run in its workspace, register. with an in-app account. If you already have it, just sign in. Now uninstall the app from the main menu. And it will work again.

8. Calculator Vault
Just install it and it will serve as a bus stop for potential participants who will not be able to present the required PIN. You will enter the PIN again on the home page, adding the application you want to hide. Wait for the word "Double" to be added to its icon, indicating that 2 copies of the application are now available on your phone. Now remove the app from the main device menu. When you return to the Calculator Vault homepage, the word "Dual" will no longer exist, you will now see "Hidden".

9. C Launcher
This is an excellent or amazing launcher for hiding apps. I mean having 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store means it all. Just install this launcher in the play store and open it. After that, use touch to open the Encryption request window, where you will be able to add a few applications that you plan to hide from others. 

The great advantage of this app is that it does not integrate with any app and also does not force you to uninstall the actual app.

10. Ace Launcher
This is a useful launcher that can hide your apps. To get started, install the app from the Google Play Store and launch it. Next, make a touch swipe up with a few fingers on the home screen that will show hidden areas where your anonymous apps can be installed. Other settings such as enabling pattern lock feature, large privacy mode e.t.c can also be accessed.

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