Educational games for children of all ages | educational games for kids free

 Educational games for children of all ages | educational games for kids free

I've gathered the very best Android and iPhone/iPad apps and games for kids. by playing  this game kids can learn something. by playing this games kids skill level will increase.educational and learning games helps kids to learn in an easy way. Here is my handpicked collection of the best educational game for kids that will entertain and help kids to learn.

Educational games for children of all ages | educational games for kids free

1. MentalUP
Mental up is a education and entertainment game.parent love this game because in this game children can create and operate their own cars,cranes,ship,plane,tanks,space ship and more.
The games are really fun to play for your child. Each game begins with a short clue and ends to the point to point a instruction. then the timed exercise begins for kids. Choose your level of the  difficulty and enjoy the challenge of this educational game for kids.

2. Coco
It is one of the best game for kids to education with fun solve many educational and memory puzzles in this can also play mini games like in this like running game , flying game , jumping game.the visual graphic of this game is lovely and sound effects make this game best.this game help kids to learn basic numbers and letters.

3. Curious World
Curious World is an early access learning games. it is best for kids whose age is between 2 to 7 years by giving them freedom of thinking.and build their self confidence.through many books, games and is fully different type of game which will help kids to learning by fun.

4. Toca Blocks
Toca Block is the best game for child to learning by playing playing Toca Block kids have feel like appearance on a platform game but this game is about world building and about discovering is best for improving child creating skill and imagination skill.they can make their idea real in this game.

5. Thinkrolls
Thinkrolls is an puzzle game specially designed for young children. Thinkrolls is a game it's simple meaning is to think before roll. In this game You play as a cute and  rolly prince or princess who is trying to reach the end of a vertical maze. It's graphics also simple and easy  for young child to understand.

6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The Very Hungry Caterpillar is an best game for children to learn with playing, this games many characters from the books. It mini games and puzzles, which can help young children to  practise counting, sorting numbers. This learning games can also help them to discover many facts about caterpillars and other animals,by  it children also learn about healthy food eating. The beautiful illustrations and reward badges will motivate children to keep playing. The app has wide range of  activities that encourages children for more playing and learning that is why I think it is best for children.

7. Endless Alphabet
Endless Alphabet is a fun and  educational learning game designed to teach letter and new vocabulary to the kids with fun and enjoyment. The child drags the proper letter into a word and then the app makes the sound of when children drag the correct letter in word.when a word is complete a bouncing animal animation will appear.there is no doubt it is best for young children.

8. My Play Home Doll House
My Play Home is a high inter active, dollhouse style game for kids. And I mean that it is the one of the best game for kids. Kids can choose a total 5 type character of a family include mother,father,boy,girl,and baby making it one of the best educational games for kids. It gives children a chance to show their imagination and tell their own stories. And this game make them mature when they are children.

9. Draw it
If you are looking for a game in which your child learn to draw you have to must check out Draw it. Draw It is a fun and interesting drawing game that teaches kids about mixing colors. Explain them about different function.Draw it is a creative game for children to improve their art skills while having fun by drawing. This entertaining game allows you to draw, color, paint, decorate in a very simple way, it help to increase kids creativity.

10. Pictoword
Pictoword is a fun and possibly inserting word puzzle game that is sure to provide hours of problem-solving fun and learning. The app includes brain training games with mind teasers and puzzles for all ages of children to improve their iq and making their brain stonger. children can test their word puzzle skills with the word it is best game for the kids.

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