Amazing Games for your Android Phone | best free android games 2022

Amazing Games for your Android Phone | best free android games 2022
Amazing Games for your Android Phone | best free android games 2022

If you're in search of a good game for your Android phone, check out these select games that represent the popular and nice titles that you should play right now. and enjoy playing these games.
 However, the mobile market also has many games that deserve a place on your Android home screen. There's no deficiency of indie hits, retro classics, and indeed Nintendo-published firsts once you scratch the surface. In reality,

 a few portable diversions can effectively coordinate the quality of AAA titles seen on comforts and PC.. I’ve pooled a choice selection of great titles across all genres, so scroll down for our top selected if you’re interested in playing Android games.

In fact, as a gaming platform, Android is better and more comprehensive than Google’s half-baked game streaming service Google Studio, even if that subscription does technically let you play only Red Dead Redemption 2 on a Pixel phone only. For a superior Android game streaming experience, check out and try Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Treat yourself to mobile entertainment that is not social drama. Scroll down, and check out these excellent and superior mobile games for your Android phone or tablet.

1. Among Us
Among Us built and launch in the gaming world in 2020 as the perfect, covid pastime, even though it technically launched in 2018. In this game, you and your astronaut friend have to work together to fix your spaceship, one secret saboteur work silently to kill you all. You can also use an old-fashioned voting trick to find out the truth or lie. To continue and trust in no one.

2. Arena of Valor
On PCs, the noba market is now completely dominated by Dota 2 and League of Legends-like games. but on mobile, however, the playing field is a little bit more than pc.Arena of Valor
Made and  launched by Chinese megacorporation
Tencent is one of the best ways by which you can enjoy this truly bizarre real-time strategy genre game.

3. Castlevania
Castlevania is a series of games on Android. symphony of the Night Is one of the most and best iconic games of this series. and it's found on Android phones. take control from vampire Alucard. and slay the demonic horde that hunts the castle and resurrects Dracula. In this game, Night feature an expansive RPG weapon and inventory system that is full of unique items, and spells. Symphony of the Night is a komani classic that is well worth the game.

4. Chrono Trigger
It's one of the best iconic and loved RPG games that can play on your Android device.
Rpg named embark is on-time traveling with seamless and strategic combat and a great visual story. This Chrono Trigger is based on the expanded Nintendo ds version its feature is improved story translation over the original SNES.its touch control is inaccurate which can be a problem in the combat RPG.Chrono trigger shockingly engrossing today.

5. Fortnite
Fortnite rating is a good 3.4 rating of has a huge reason why Fortnite became popular because you can fully participate in battle royals for free on mobile. some kids are also playing this game in the classroom when the teacher not looking. and it's also available on the play store now.

6. Minecraft
 Minecraft has an excellent rating of version of Minecraft is not the same as pc version.
The game has been unified with the new version by largely taking from the mobile version. when you’re building blocks and taking down Creepers on your phone, you aren’t getting a compromised experience.

7. Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go let us hunt creatures in our own home and backyard. Pokemon Go turned out real world in pokemon world. pokemon go gives you an offer to exciting new ways to play.

8. Stardew Valley
Stardew valley we chill is a mix of farming, swim life, and casual RPG element making it a modern indie classic format. if you want to live the farm life for some minutes every day it is perfect for you on your mobile. you can romance these kind-hearted video game country folks instead.  

9. Threes
Throw the 2048 game in the trash and try to play Threes. An original puzzle game about sliding numbered tiles together to create the biggest combo possible. Threes charms with its soft pastel aesthetics that burst with character. The game is now free with ads, so you have no excuse while playing.

All the above games are picked by their rating for the top 9 games for Android.
Hope you enjoy playing these games.

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